Krishnashtami celebrations were held with great joy and grandeur in Aditya srinagar on 28th August 2021, amongst the students and staff. As a part of these celebrations the school conducted a poem recitation competition from the holy book, Bhagavad-Gita in the presence of the principal of Srinagar branch, Mr. T. Ramesh. The celebrations were held in a gala way. Keeping the pandemic in mind all the precaution were taken by the students and staff. The students of kindergarten dressed themselves in the costumes of Lord Krishna and Gopikas. All the kids looked beautiful. The event of “Vutti Striking” was a spectacular, one of the celebrations.
Mrs. Vijaya Umapathi, the vice principal took the initiative in organizing the event. The attire of our kids made us feel as if we were at Vrindavan. Later Prasadam was distributed to each and everyone.

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