Teachers’ Day Celebrations@apssri

“It’s a cherished occasion that transcends borders, dedicated to celebrating the invaluable contributions of facilitators in shaping the future of young minds. As the sun rose on this special day, Aditya school of Srinagar , Kakinada enkindled the day with vibrant festivities, expressing gratitude to those who illuminate the path of knowledge. “The programme commenced with a kindling of lamp and it was followed by a melodious prayer song. Cordial welcome was showered on the Principal Mr. T. Ramesh , the Vice Principal Mrs. Vijaya Umapathi, academic coordinator Mrs. Rajini and for teachers, in the form of appreciation and recognition for shaping the young generation. The embellished campus and thoughtful gestures from Principal created an atmosphere of gratitude. He expressed that the palpable excitement reflects the collective acknowledgment of the pivotal role that teachers play in nurturing young minds and the programme was continued with the ideas, thoughts of a few torchbearer’s. The management appreciated all the teachers with a token of appreciation expressing gratitude and admiration for teachers. The management left a mark that the Teachers’ Day celebration is a hearty tribute to the unsung heroes who shape the minds of tomorrow.

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