The Academic Co-ordinator of Aditya Degree & P.G.Colleges   Sri B.E.V.L.Naidu said that a Seminar on Legal Education had been conducted in Aditya Degree College, under the behest of Kakinada Mandal Legal Association.

 The main objective of conducting this seminar was to provide awareness on Legal Affairs and different acts and their limitations to the students. Presiding over the function, The Academic Co-ordinator of Aditya Degree & P.G.Colleges Sri B.E.V.L.Naidu said that the Seminar was extremely helpful for the students to come to know about the importance of Legal Education. He expressed his regrets that many students were getting addicted to criminal behavior. He wished that such type of situations might change. He gave a call to the students to develop personality, become role models to others and abstain from bad habits.

The Chief Guest of the function, fifth J.F.C Magistrate Sri M.Venkateswara Rao asked the students to abstain from ragging. He explained that those who commit Eve teasing, under I.P.C section 509, two years imprisonment will be the punishment for the culprits. He advocated the students to make an affective utilization of the modern Technology to prevent the occurrence of crimes in the society. He gave a call to students saying “Life is not only to live, but to achieve success”.

Aditya Group of Institutions Secretary Sri.N.Krishna Deepak Reddy conveyed his wishes to Kakinada Mandal Legal Association for the grand success of this program. Kakinada Two Town Police Officer Sri.K.N.N.Murthy, Police staff, Aditya Degree College Vice-Principal Sri.Ch.V.V.Satynarayana, NSS Program officer Sri T.Tejeswararao and students participated in this program actively.


001 Shri M.Venkateswara rao 5th AJF Magistrate giving away speech on legal litercacy camp

005 Students Attending the Program

004 Shri BEVL Naidu  giving Away the memto to the Guest



003 Deginities on the dias

002 Shri M.Venkateswara rao 5th AJF Magistrate giving away speech on legal litercacy camp

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