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Lord Vishnu’s eighth incarnation is Sri Krishna. This year, Sri Krishna Janmashtami has been celebrated in our Aditya School, Tadepalligudem. The 5,242nd birth anniversary of Lord Krishna is celebrated by offering prayers to him and reciting slokas of Lord Krishna with a lot of fervor.

        The value of our Indian tradition and this ritual’s significance is well explained by the school Principal Mr. Vasudeva. Numerous dance performances have taken part in our celebrations. Dance by students as Radhas and Krishnas mesmerized the audience. As Janmashtami is celebrated with Rasalila tradition, which means play of delight, essence,  group dance events wherein Krishna related compositions are performed on the stage. Children in vibrant costumes engrossed the viewers and amused them. Fancy dress by tiny tots as Lord Krishnas and Gopikas embellished the programme.        

Dahi Handi, which is an important and fun tradition followed by devotees in many parts of our country and around the world, took place in our school. All the students of the school enjoyed the ritual. This ritual recalled the memory of “Makhan chor”. Students formed pyramids to break the earthern pot. This is the imitation of Krishna’s childhood play with the cowherd boys.

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