Glimpses of glorious Independence Day Celebrations in Aditya moments @ APSPTP

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The pride of India, the tri coloured flag of the nation has unfurled in Aditya School. Independence day celebrations have reached the sky with grate pomp and gaiety. The principal of Aditya school Mr. Vijaya Saradi lauded the students for their exuberant performances in the roles of great freedom fighters the 75th. The celebrations began with our national song. The Principal of Aditya school Mr. Vijaya saradi accompanied by Mr. Srinivas and Mrs. Revathi has hoisted the flag. Teachers addressing the occasion have brought vivid picture of our freedom struggle and unforgettable sacrifices of our freedom fighters. They said that it is our prime duty protect our freedom. Children sang patriotic songs. Performed the roles freedom fighters which raised the spirit of India in every audien.

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