“Go down deep enough into anything and you will find Mathematics.” – Dean schlicter.
At Aditya, we believe that Math is a fundamental part of every student’s education. To help create immense interest and help them dispel any phobia or insecurities they have with Math, we recently on the eve of Srinivasa Ramanujan Birthday organized a Quiz programme titled ‘MATHLORE’ for class V to VII and VIII to X separately in two sessions morning and evening. The Quiz ‘MATHLORE’ was divided into two phases, where the first one was a computer based test consisting 30 questions that challenge the intelligence of the students, and the second was completely an interactive one. The three – hour long quiz was conducted like a game show and had Six rounds of questions with different levels of difficulty to test the students acute mathematical intelligence and wonderful spontaneity and to instill an interest and curiosity in Mathematics among the students, providing them an opportunity to hone their problem-solving skills. Totally there were 12 teams in the Quiz – six from high school and six from upper primary. Each team had six participants; thus totally, 72 students participated in the event which was hosted by our subject experts who have been teaching Mathematics for more than three decades now. The participants were provided with helpful hints and tips along the way to help them navigate through the quiz more easily. There was also a special round of questions such as riddles and puzzles posed by their beloved teachers, which were intended to increase the students imaginative skill.
Not just the students but their parents two were kept engaged both online and offline with some questions about Maths making if a fun-learning experience for all. Every round of the Quiz was carefully evaluated based on accuracy and speed, and the results were out. The ‘MATHLORE’ Quiz Champions were announced at the end of the Quiz show. They will be crowned at School Annual Day celebrations to be held is the month of March 2023.
The Chief guest of this “MATHLORE” quiz show Sri. N.Sesha Reddy, Chairman of Aidtya Educational institutions stressed about the importance of Mathematics & Aptitude subjects to fetch better future and appreciated the entire team for Organising the event in a Professional Way.
The guest of honour of this ‘MATHLORE’ Quiz show Smt. N.Sruthi Reddy, the Team-Head Sri. T. Ramesh sir and his team’s efforts in making it a huge success. The special guest Sri. Avadhani garu, Ganithavadani Amalapuram, commended the commitment of the team for holding the programme grandly. The parent-guest were left spellbound with the way the children answering the puzzling questions in no time. The Principal of P.R. Vocational Jr. College Smt. B. Shanthi Rojasri and Sri. K. Ravi Krishna Assistant Manager SBI appreciated Aditya Institutions for rendering a great service in the field of education.
We hope that this unique fun learning experience has left an impression on children and encouraged them to explore more after MATHLORE-about Mathematical topics.
We look forward to hosting more such events in the future.

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